Why do you need a landing page to get referral

A landing page is the page where you ‘land’ after you have clicked on some link. The link can be in the email, ads, on various social websites or actually any other website. The landing page has become very popular with online marketing and it has been proved to be much more efficient that the usual homepage.  While on the home page you can see many different things –usually logos, products, and many options etc., on the landing page that is not the case. The landing page is calling for action. We can say that it offers some service in exchange for the information provided by the visitor. It simply asks a visitor a question like do you want to subscribe, enter your email here, where do you live etc. This may be seen as some kind of pay in information in order to see the actual offer. Another purpose of the landing page is the conversion from visitors to the leads. The landing page has proven very useful and the conversion rate is much more increased than on the classical home page and that is why it has become so popular. The information about leads is stored in leads database which is later used for marketing for the lead and contact based on the information that the visitor has provided. When you collect much information about leads, you will be able to adapt and to fulfill the needs of the visitors. Landing pages also offer tracking data and this will help you understand how engaging your prospects are. Another thing that is characteristic for the landing page is the lack of other distractions that are usual on the homepage. When you have a visitor on your landing page, you will want him to do just one thing: convert. All other distractions should not be seen. Furthermore, it needs to be short and concise. If there is something that is not so understandable and if it does not have a purpose, it will just drive away possible converts or customer. Let’s face it, nobody want that to happen. When the landing page is set, you are not done yet. You need to test it and to see how other things and information are performing. You can change colors, ask for different information. Everything is in the optimization. The landing page is the most important part of referral program. It is the first thing that a visitor will see and you need to make it appealing so he enters information that you need. You can think of a landing page as of an advertisement. The whole purpose of the landing page is to drive traffic through it. Referral links are a must for most online businesses. If you have trouble in finding where to get more referrals, your business might stop and you will not make any money.


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